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We are publishers of easy-to-follow, and economically priced, Queensland instruction kits for conveyancing, probate, and making a Will. Vist the different pages for free, vital advice.

INSTRUCTIONS  are crystal clear but we also offer free assistance for six months from date of purchase - night, day, week-ends and holidays. Not only in completing forms, but also in how to make sure that you have the happy, safe and successful outcome that you seek. 

PEACE of MIND    DIY kits designed so that you can handle the complete process yourself with full conficence and do not need to engage solicitors or other professionals in the handling of your legal matter.

OUR EXPERIENCE    Forty years experience in the field of law throughout Queensland was ideal training for the production of these kits. Legal Kit Specialists was later established in 1997 in response to demands from the public wishing to handle their own legal matters. It has also supplied kits to legal firms in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

EASY TO FOLLOW    The kits are written and the procedures explained so clearly that it is most unlikely you will require to speak with me. However, if you do need a word of reassurance I am available. Just phone 0419 734 584 and you speak to me - not a clerk.

LET ME RE-ASSURE YOU     If there are any doubts in your mind call or email me first. Wondering whether the kit covers a particular aspect of your concern - call or email me first. I want you to be absolutely certain before you order.


Address - PO Box 439, P.O. Coolangatta, 4225 Queensland. Phone 0419 734 584  email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 For prompt response use email only



DIY Conveyancing Kits and REIQ Contracts for Queensland

We keep up-to-date with changes to Queensland Government legislation. This means that our kits are kept current and you do not receive out-dated forms or instructions. Choosing to handle your own conveyancing matters has often been described as surprisingly simple by people buying their second or third kit as they build up their assets. When you can save around $700 to buy or sell you can appreciate how happy they are. Conveyancing kits are still the best way to 'do it yourself !'.

These diy conveyancing kits provide worry-free conveyancing when buying or selling a house or unit in Queensland, and include a bonus of either “Home Buyers Preliminary Check-list” or "How to Find a Buyer Quicker". The contracts on their own are also available.

To view the extensive lists of matters covered and the costs go directly to the page by clicking 'Read More'. Some lists have up to 29 points of helpful interest. 

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Probate - How to Apply for Probate and Distribute the Assets!  

Acting as Executor requires ready access to information that the Supreme Court does not supply. If you need to Settle a Deceased Estate and Distribute the Assets of a Deceased Estate whilst acting as Executor you also need to know how to deal with creditors and debtors, expectant and impatient beneficiaries, handle the real estate, liquidate unwanted possessions,settle with  business partners and, of course, deal with the Tax Office. Do not worry! It is not as hard as it seems when you have good, clear instructions.

To view a  fuller list of 26 matters which are of interest to you, and which are covered, and to see cost click 'Read More' button.

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DIY Will KIts  (How to Make a Legal Will in Australia) 

DIY 'Simple Will'   Pre-printed sheets. You just need to fill in your details.

'Make Your Own Will’     The best kit in the market! A DIY 24 page book which teaches, explains, guides and writes the Will with many, very flexible, clauses. It enables you to do everything that you wish. Easy and complete.

To read a more extensive list of the information provided which enables you write your Will and get the necessary actions to cater for your wishes click the ''Read More' button.

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Important Points For Your Assistance!

With all legal kits we aim for same day dispatch. With all kits, apart from the $7.95 Simple Will, we offer free phone help – day, night, and week-end - on 0419 734 584

Payment can be by Paypal, Visa or Master card, direct deposit, cheque or money order.
Invoice and receipts accompany all kits.