Do it yourself with Legal Kit Specialists d i y Kits for Conveyancing, Probate and Wills.     

You do it yourself easily with legal kits for conveyancing in Queensland.

Buying, Selling, Transferring within family. House, Land, Unit, Town House.

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Do it yourself Probate legal kits for Queensland 

Applying for Probate. Acting as Executor

Do it yourself probate kit from Legal Kit Specialists contains all required forms, explanations, instructions.

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Do it yourself Will and Testament kit

Cancel old Will - Write new Will

Legal Kit Specialists do it yourself Will kit. Legal throughout Australia and many European countries

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Notebook for Household Emergencies

Record vital household operational information before it is forgotten.

Record home organisation systems before memory loss or hospitalisation occur.

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 Legal Kit Specialists give you - Online/phone ordering, competitive price, fast despatch, up-to-date instructions and contents, 6 months free support, satisfaction.

 You can trust a do it yourself legal kit from the Legal Kit Specialists

Important Points For Your Assistance!

With all legal kits we aim for same day dispatch. With all kits, apart from the $7.95 Simple Will, we offer free phone help – day, night, and week-end - on 0419 734 584

Payment can be by Paypal, Visa or Master card, direct deposit, cheque or money order.
Invoice and receipts accompany all kits.