DIY kit to make a legal Will. Clear explanations, instructions and Will forms 

We also explain how you can legally leave real estate, bank funds etc. to your loved-ones without making a Will.

This kit tells how to arrange that.

BUT  if you do want to make a Will -

This special kit tells how to make a completely new Will, and also explains how to amend your own existing legal Will in Australia with clear instructions.

But first a word of warning.

On-line Will kits sound great! Speed and ease combined!  But what happens when your computer, or that of the processer is hacked,  as it is very likely to be. All of the private family information - all of it - is in the hands of scammers. Can you afford to take the chance that your whole personal identity is known to others who may be able to scam your friends or relatives?  Best to make your Will in the privacy of your own home rather than broadcast it to all the scammers.

How do I make my own Will?

Thousands of people now make their own Wills with the use of a good, instructive Will kit which informs and guides you to a successfful completion, and a huge saving.

What happens if I do not make a Will?

That depends, just carry on reading.

What is a Will and Testament?
Generally just called a Will. 
A Will & Testament is a legally acceptable, written declaration as to the distribution of assets upon death.

Why is a Will necessary?
Without a Will the State Government can legally distribute many of the assets as the Government considers appropriate and in a manner not in accordance with what the deceased would have wanted. However, there are ways to prevent the Government doing this.

Who can write or make your Will?
A solicitor or Public Trustee can write or make your Will at your direction, and at considerable cost or at your agreement that they are appointed as executor (which is even more expensive).
You can write your own Will easily, at no cost, entirely legally, and change it when you wish.

When should your Will be made? 
In brief the Will should be made when you still have good health and are mentally competent.

 D I Y Legal Will Kits for the whole of Australia.
We have diy legal Will kits applicable for every State in Australia. They are also legal in most countries through-out the world., 

"'MAKE YOUR OWN WILL IN AUSTRALIA". Considered as most clear , informative, and easiest D I Y Will kit in Australia this kit provides multiple options for the handling and distributing of your possessions. 

This kit contains a 24 page A4 size book with different sections which explain the process of making your own Will. Different subjects are clearly explained as to how they apply and the clause which needs to be entered in your Will plus how you are then to answer it. This approach allows you to do many things which the majority of kits do not attempt. You need only enter the clause (use a black or blue ballpen and write in block letters), perhaps as simple as
" To my grandson, Charles Thomas Smith of 41 Apex St. Bradford, Victoria  I leave my gold Rolex wristwatch". 

" To my daughter, Helen Beverley Johnson of 34 Grandview Rd. Glennister, New South Wales I leave the sum of three thousand dollars".

How easy is that!

'Make Your Own Will in Australia' kit answers the questions before you ask them, and clearly explains how to make a Will expressing your own requirements which are more individual than in a SIMPLE Will. It also has the bordered Will paper.

'Make Your Own Will in Australia'  clauses are given and explained for - appointing the executor;  bequeathing cash, real estate, property etc. to individuals;  leaving gifts to charity;  making special requirements such as funding travel costs to attend your funeral;  that a message of love or gratitude be read at your funeral. etc..

Depending on your requirements you select the appropriate clause insert it on the Will paper and then enter details of the person and the gift. All of this for $27.95 plus $5 for postage. A special price of $18.75 delivered is available for holders of Senior's or Carer's Cards. Go further down on this page to see easy method of ordering.

Information is given on -

  1. meaning of terminology.
  2. What a 'Will and Testament' is.
  3. What happens if there is no Will.
  4. Who can legally make a Will.
  5. What can be covered by a Will.
  6. Making alterations to a Will.
  7. Appointing guardians.
  8. Funeral arrangements
  9. Appointment of one or more executors.
  10. Making the executor's job easier.
  11. Explanation and clause to cancel all previous Wills.
  12. Supposing the Will gets damaged.
  13. Who can be a witness.
  14. Can the witness be a beneficiary.
  15. Details and explanation of intestacy and the 'intestacy table'.
  16. The 'survival clause' and its effect on the Will.
  17. Explanations of - next of kin, 'Priviledged Will', and 'household chattels'.
  18. Effect of marriage or divorce.
  19. Acceptance of spouse or partner.
  20. Explanation of the 'residuary'.
  21. Warnings on bequests to charities.
  22. Organ donations.
  23. Bequests to multiple persons.
  24. Entire estate to one person.
  25. Specific bequests.
  26. What if a gift should fail.
  27. Excluding a person from benefitting.
  28. Superannuation.
  29. Taxation.
  30. Debts and the forgivness of debts.     

 This do it yourself Will kit allows the whole family to write their own, individual, legal last Will and testament.

If you have a special concern phone me now before you order. 

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 'MAKE YOUR OWN WILL IN AUSTRALIA' (legal through-out Australia) @ $27.95 plus $5.00 pack & post.


 Seniors and Carers pay just $18.75 delivered. (You will need to enter your card number)





'Make Your Own Will' is the most informative DIY WILL KIT in Australia! Its ease and flexibility allows for so many alternative decisions to be recorded. It also explains numerous facts about the language, and the ancient meanings of some words associated with Wills.

Consider the usual heading - 'This is the last Will and Testament'. It is important because a person may have made three Wills during his life and all of them started with the same phrase. However, all wills must be dated and the date of the will most recently made becomes the only legal Will. The previous Wills made earlier then have no legal standing. Thus it serves mainly to advertise the fact that it is a Will which takes precedence over any previous Will.

There are often notices carried in newspapers and government publications asking publicly for any copies of Wills made by a person recently deceased to be presented to the executor. This is to ensure that it is the last Will written by the testator that is determined to be the deceased's final instructions.

How most Legal Will kits work 

Many other Will kits are likely to comprise only a couple of sheets of basic instructions, accompanied with a pre-printed form in which to  fill your name and details. If what you wish to do is not already printed there-on you cannot do it. This also applies to our SIMPLE WILL.

But suppose you want to know what your options are and you want to write a Will that does something different! What if there are a number of grand-children and they are all to be left different bequests. How do you bestow money to a charity, leave your body to a research institute, or legally omit an expectant, but misbehaving, relative from your Will? In writing a Will you need to know what you can express to your loved ones or beneficiaries. We also tell the necessary format (or order) in which your instructions are listed. You also need to know how to phrase these instructions so they are legally understandable and binding. If your Will needs to do more than just the simple things mentioned in the Simple Will above then the best kit available is 'Make Your Own Will'.

A few very important  facts about making your own Will

You have possibly seen advertisements offering a 'free Will kit', or even an enterprise or government body offering to 'make your Will free of cost'. What is the catch!  If it is a 'free' legal Will kit then probably it is very basic and does not cover all of the matters that you require, or it requires you to appoint them as executor for which you will be charged many thousands of dollars.

When you use a good Will kit such as ours it means that, should circumstances change in the future, you can up-date your own Legal Will without further cost. 

This Australian Legal Will Kit explains the legislation and guides you on how to put your wishes into effect. It probably tells you more about the legislation than your solicitor does. We actually advise you of the  wording for the appropriate clauses and you simply insert that onto the Will paper provided, followed by your own instructions. You can use the same clauses time and again. Pre-printed kits usually only allow the use of each clause one time..

What is more, our kit allows you to write Wills for each member of your family - and to update the  Wills if it becomes necessary. This, plus six months free explanation of the kit, means you get a great deal!

D I Y Legal Will Kits for Australia

every thing you need to write your own Will.