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Fred Sparrow

          EXPERIENCE OF THE AUTHOR. My name is Fred Sparrow. I controlled "S and M Law Stationers" and then "Ausdoc Commercial and Law Stationers" from 1964 until 1997 when I established "LAW STATIONER - FRED SPARROW PTY LTD". For over 50 years I have been involved in conveyancing, Wills,  probate and a host of other law matters. All this experience was channelled into Legal Kit Specialists when this business was established in 1998. This was launched in response to demands from the members of the public who wished to handle their own legal concerns.

          KEYSTONE OF EXCELLENCE. Knowledge of forms and procedures is only a part of the requirements for top-class instruction kits that allow you to save on your legal costs! The other part is not so easy to learn - it requires a built-in ability to express the required actions clearly in language that can be understood. Many manuals that tell you how to put together a piece of furniture or operate a computer are unbelievably confusing. Written by experts but in the expert's own language. My ability to express legal requirements and actions in simple, non-legal, language has been a major factor in the success of the business. Our kits tell you what has to be done, - why, - and how to do it - All in words that you understand!.

          LEGALESE EXPLAINED. The legal language used by solicitors, and present in many other kits, confuses the public. Although I speak to you in Simple English I include a glossary of terminology of the words likely to have been used in your previous documents, and also likely used by the other party's solicitor. This means you will understand the other party. It gives you confidence!

          ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Another major factor has been the willingness to answer questions relating to our kits both day and night – seven days a week. You will probably be working on the kits in evenings and week-ends. If that is when you have a query then that is when you need the help.

          WHAT THE KITS COMPRISE. Clearly printed, crisp, white pages bound in semi stiff covers so that everything is kept together and that when you undertake an action in your conveyance, probate, or Will writing you have the necessary information, neat and tidy, at your fingertips. In addition most kits contain a section to record your actions and out-comes as you work through the pages. There are copies of forms that you will need, examples of completed forms, and access to websites where you can complete forms on-line.

Here is What You Can Accomplish with Our Kits:

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  • DIY Conveyancing kits for transfer of real estate in Queensland.
  • DIY Writing of Wills through-out Australia.
  • DIY Probate (acting as executor and distributing assets of deceased estates in Queensland)
  • Record book and system for listing important addresses, accounts, numbers, codes, passwords etc.. Too important to miss! Go back to 'Our Products or Kits' and select from there. Seriously, every family needs it.
    Funerals. Details of the various procedures involved and how to undertake them within the family.


          Legal Kit Specialists provide materials, bound instruction book and information and assistance. The kits explain what to do, when to do it, and also why you do it. You know just what is                happening!

          Free assistance by phone or e-mail - day, night or week-ends.

          To ensure you order the correct kit and contents you can speak with us before you order.  However, if you are sure what you want you can order on - line now. We print DIY kits regularly and often to ensure the kits are up-to-date.

          NOW! To locate and read how the kit you require is going to make your job easier return to top of page, hi-lite 'KITS and PRICES' and select the appropriate kit to go straight to that page.

          Contact us by mobile phone 0419 734 584 (do not text) or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Legal Kit Specialists kits really are the best.