Legal Kit Specialists. Do it yourself legal kits that are easy to understand.

Also recording book for passwords, codes, accounts. Info. for home and business

Legal kits that you can understand.

They are intended for people who want to avoid huge legal fees when wishing to buy or sell their home, attend to the probate of a family member or friend, or make a legal Will. Our kits differ from others available in that we write in plain English so that you understand what we are saying. We do not write in the language of lawyers which puzzles and confuses. We also provide a list of terms that lawyers use, together with what they are meaning to say. This enables you to decipher any messages the other party may submit.

The kits are suitable for use by both an experienced person and also by a person handling the task for the first time.

Range of conveyancing kits available.

Conveyancing kits – (Queensland legislation only) To order go up to Kits and Prices and select 'DIY conveyancing kits to buy or sell'

  • for buying house or land.
  • for buying town house or unit
  • for selling house or land
  • for selling town house or unit
  • for transferring property within the family

Kits for obtaining grants of 'probate and letters of administration and controlling an estate in Queensland'.
For information and to order go up to 'Kits and Prices' and select 'Probate kits'

'Probate kit to apply for probate'. For information and to order go up to Kits and Prices and select 'Probate kits.

Funeral books which guide you through the processes for family funerals.Available as e book or printed version.
For information and to order go up to "Kits and Prices' and select 'Funerals'

Will kit legally accepted for use throughout Australia. 
For information and to order go up to Kits and Prices and select.'Wills'

Also – 'The Memory Aid Notebook' designed to record all the various details of codes, passwords, account numbers, dates, names, assets, properties etc 

For inforrmation and to order go up to Kits and Prices.


Expertise behind Legal Kit Specialists.

Fred Sparrow has been involved with the design and production of law stationery since the 1960's. During that period he has been enlisted by the Queensland Government to assist in the design of many Titles Office forms and was also involved, at one time, with the content of real estate contracts.

In 1997 he launched a company 'Law Stationer – Fred Sparrow Pty. Ltd.' which was then the largest law stationery supply house in Queensland. Shortly afterwards the business 'Legal Kit Specialists' was formed in response to the appeal by persons wishing to handle their own common legal matters.

Samples of the initial conveyancing kits were submitted to the Queensland Government Department responsible for conveyancing. The Department congratulated us on the clarity and detail and advised that the kits would be made available to their own staff. Subsequently when a Government handbook on conveyancing procedures was made available to the public it contained a recommendation to Legal Kit Specialists.
 The business is still operated by Fred Sparrow