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D I Y Will Kit . Make a New Will . Update Your Existing Will

        Update your Will or make a new Will. 'Make Your Own Will'  kitt clearly explains how and why to cancel or change your existing Will. It is informative - legal in all States and with telephone back up.   Just need a small change, a large change or a completely new Will.   'Make Your Own Will' from 'Legal Kit Specialists is the kit you need. 

          When to update your Will, why to change your Will and how to alter your Will are contained in a section of the instructions together with the complete kit for making a new Will.         

          'Free Will Kits' come with a catch! They either require you to appoint their publisher as 'executor', which can cost upto 7% of your estate, or you are required to 'gift' a considerable portion of your estate to their nominated charity. This costs you far more than twenty or thirty dollars that you might pay for 'Make Your Own Will In Australia'. Explanations also given on up-dating your current Will

          Writing your Will is easy with the clear instructions to follow.  We provide a wide range of actions or instructions you can select from and easily include within the Will on the Will form which is included  Clear explanations of signing and witnessing to ensure that all is legal.  This Will kit also makes the work of your executor simple. The included A4 size book of 33 pages contains vital advice and information plus a sample printed Will and comes with Will paper forms.  

This kit is legal in all States of Australia and it also includes  a link to the actual legislation of each individual State.

          'Make Your Own Will In Australia'   This kit enables you to write your Will with the outcome you have in mind. The use of incorrect phrasing can jeopardise your intentions. Make sure this does not happen. by using the correct clauses in our Will kit. Your Will can be hand-written if you wish but it must be written correctly.

          This is what you get!

             'Make Your Own Will In Australia Kit' has explanation and instruction. explained so you can understand, and write your own Will quickly and legally. The most informative source of information outside of an expensive lawyer.

          Select the the clause that you need when stating a particular gift. Just enter the name of the person and the particular gift. You can do this as many times as you wish - for example if you have a number of grand-children all of whom are to receive a different gift.

          There are various clauses which enable you to do many different actions - exactly as you would wish. Read the fuller list below! This is how the solicitors operate!

          'Make Your Own Will In Australia' clauses are printed and explained for, amongst other matters, appointing the executor, bequeathing cash, real estate, property, etc. to individuals, leaving gifts to charity, making special requirements such as funding travel costs to attend your funeral, that a message love or gratitude be read at your funeral. plus many other actions. A sample Will is provided within the kit so you can see exactly how it appears. Instructions also explain how to amend your existing Will in Australia with clear instructions. Special Will paper is supplied.

          We also explain how you can legally leave real estate, bank funds etc. to your loved-ones without including them within the Will.

          A WORD OF WARNING.

         'On-line Will kits' from some sources sound great! Everything is 'on-line' or stored up in the sky. But what happens when your computer, or that of the will kit supplier, is hacked, as it is very likely to be. All of the private family information - all of it - is in the hands of scammers.

          Can you afford to take the chance that your whole personal identity is known to others who may be able to scam your friends or relatives? Best to make your Will in the privacy of your own home rather than broadcast it to all the scammers.

          Scroll down now to red button to place order or continue reading all the benefits. 'Make Your Own Will' kit. is the Will kit that allows you to express wishes and benefits to all your family. It is not a basic, uninformative, 2 pre-printed pages which restrict and ignore many of your needs.

          All of this for $22.75 delivered. A special price of $18.75 delivered is available for holders of Senior's or Carer's Cards. Go further down on this page to see easy method of ordering.clause

          Information is given on -

  1. Meaning of terminology used in .Wills
  2. What a 'Will and Testament' is.
  3. What happens if there is no Will.
  4. Who can legally make a Will.
  5. What can be covered by a Will.
  6. Making alterations to an existing Will.
  7. Appointing guardians.
  8. Funeral arrangements
  9. Appointment of one or more executors.
  10. Making the executor's job easier.
  11. Explanation and clause to cancel all previous Wills.
  12. Supposing the Will gets damaged.
  13. Who can be a witness.
  14. Can the witness be a beneficiary.
  15. Details and explanation of intestacy and the 'intestacy table'.
  16. The 'survival clause' and its effect on the Will.
  17. Explanations of -'next of kin, 'priviledged Will', and 'household chattels'.
  18. Effect of marriage or divorce.
  19. Acceptance of spouse or partner.
  20. Explanation of the 'residuary'.
  21. Warnings on bequests to charities.
  22. Organ donations.
  23. Bequests to multiple persons.
  24. Entire estate to one person.
  25. Specific bequests.
  26. What if a gift cannot be completed because the intended recipient has died?.
  27. Excluding a person from benefitting.
  28. Superannuation.
  29. Taxation.
  30. Debts and the forgivness of debts.

          This do it yourself Will kit allows the whole family to write their own, individual, legal last Will and testament.

          If you have a special concern phone me now before you order.

          Phone on 0419 734 584 (Do not text) to pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque. Click the button below for information on how to order on-line through Paypal.

          'MAKE YOUR OWN WILL IN AUSTRALIA' (legal through-out Australia) @ $22.75 delivered.


Seniors and Carers pay just $18.75 delivered. (You will need to enter your card number)





How most Legal Will kits work.

          Many other Will kits are likely to comprise only a couple of sheets of basic instructions, accompanied with a pre-printed form in which to fill your name and details. If any bequest that you wish to make is not already printed on the Will sheet which they have sent you then you cannot do it.

A few important  facts about 'Make Your Own Will'

          What is more, our kit allows you to write Wills for each member of your family - and to update the Wills if it becomes necessary. This, plus six months free explanation of the kit, means you get a great deal!

           DIY Legal Will Kits for Australia, every thing you need to write your own Will.