Diy Conveyancing kits for house, land or unit., Suitable for first-time users.

D I Y Conveyancing Kits To Guide and Instruct You When Selling Or Buying Property.

DIY Conveyancing Kits which guarantee successful conveyancing and big savings for first-time user. Clear, understandable instructions written in plain, every-day words and terms. Your tasks are easier and quicker with no uncertainty. Guaranteed to be current. Order now for early despatch and delivery by Express Post. 

 Reassurance;  Fred Sparrow, principal and author, has been involved with the legal field since 1964.  Law Stationer - Fred Sparrow Pty Ltd. (a company which designed and supplied law forms to solicitors) and also Legal Kit Specialists were formed in 1997.  Elsewhere on this page is the glowing tribute from the Queensland State Government in relation to his conveyancing kits.

 Read lists below to see some of the contents.  Kits are right up to date. Against each version is a red button which helps you to order so that you can be quite sure. 

But first the warning! Beware of this trap!

The contract which you are asked to sign contains a clause which specifies an agreement for Electronic Conveyancing to be used or conducted. Do not presume that this refers to e-mailing. It actually refers to a special method reserved for use by solicitors, finance houses etc. to which you have no access. It means you cannot do your own conveyancing! We can advise you how to counter this obstruction.  

Our d i y conveyancing kits are designed for the 'first time' buyer and seller. We provide information and answer your questions even before you ask them. You will be another satisfied client. All kits with free back-up assistance. And if you want two kits phone me for a discount. Note that if you are not using services of a real estate agent you will require more than the one contract which we include in the kit. These can be obtained by checking back through 'kits and prices'.

D I Y conveyancing kit to buy house or land in Q'land @ $104.50 del. or buying home unit. @ $114.50 del. 

D I Y conveyancing kit to sell house or land in Q'land @ $74.95 del. or selling home unit. @ $84.95 del.

Kit for transferring property between family members in Q'land. @ $124.95 del.for house and land or for home unit @ $144.95 del.

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How to order. Scroll down to red buttons. We strongly recommend the delivery by EXPRESS post for quicker receipt of your kit.

Do it yourself conveyancing kit for Buying House and Land in Queensland

Questions that we answer and information we provide

  • Bound book of about 34 A4 size pages giving explanations, warnings and step by step instructions.
  • Dictionary of terms and phrases used in conveyancing.
  • If you are a buyer - BEWARE -The real estate salesman works for the vendor - not the buyer.
  • Purchasing action sheet - what you do and when.
  • A copy of reiq House and Land contract and comments. 
  • Warning statement about 'cooling off period'.
  • Do not pay too large a deposit.
  • The deposit - where to put it safely.
  • Date the contract becomes firm.
  • How to use the special conditions of contract to your advantage.
  • Land Registry forms - 1, 24a, 24b are included. Also Notification Priority of Transfer from Jan 1st 2018.
  • Examples of completed forms and instructions for completion.
  • State Revenue (Stamp duty) forms and instructions are included.
  • Requirements for signing and witnessing forms.
  • Date you must have insurance cover by.
  • Finance.
  • Searches which are available and when they are necessary.
  • The searches you should always have and how they guide your decision.How to do them yourself cheaply.
  • Communicating with the other party and thier solicitor.
  • Pest and Building inspections, Swimming pool inspections.
  • Smoke alarms, Safety switches.
  • Land Tax and the importance of a clearance.
  • Explanation and new forms for Foreign Residents Withholding Tax
  • Signing and witnessing.
  • Settling disputes.
  • Working out the Settlement statement - who owes who what.
  • Exchange of payment for title.
  • Registering the property in your name.
  • Arranging for the stamping - how to do it safely.

    Paypal: Cost $104.50 (usually same day despatch by priority post which can be unreliable. )


          Paypal: Cost $114.50 (includes EXPRESS post) Usually same day despatch and quicker delivery.

    Alternatively, phone 0419 734 584 to pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.


    D. I. Y. conveyancing kit for Buying Town House or Unit in Queensland

    Contains those items listed above or appropriate alternatives as follows:

    REIQ Body corporate and community management contract, BCCM forms and instructians.

    Paypal: Cost $114.50 (usually same day despatch by priority post which can be very unreliable. 


    Paypal: Cost $124.50 (includes EXPRESS post. Usually same day despatch and quicker delivery.)

    Alternatively, phone 0419 734 584 to pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.


    Do it yourself Conveyancing kit for Selling House and Land in Queensland

    CoverSellHouseQuestions that we answer and information we give;

    • Bound book of approximately 27 A4 size pages.
    • Glossary of terminology.
    • One copy of REIQ House and Land contract.
    • Some explanations and advice about the contract.
    • How to fill-in the contract.
    • Using Special Conditions of contract to your advantage.
    • Understanding the contract before you accept an offer.
    • Warning Statement and 'cooling off' period.
    • Chain of events.
    • Preliminaries and tips.
    • Time if of the essence (delays can be dangerous).
    • How to save money on the insurance policy.
    • Certificate of Title.
    • Signing and witnesing forms.
    • Preparing for sale.
    • Vendor's action sheet.
    • Land Registry forms that you need to supply.
    • Examples of completed Land Registry forms.
    • Explanations and new forms for Foreign Ownership Withholding Tax
    • The Real Estate agent.
    • Instructions and explanations.
    • Installation of safety switches and smoke alarms.
    • Requirements on swimming pool safety.
    • Settlement explanied.
    • How to work out council rates and land tax.
    • Working out the settlement statement.
    • Dealing with the other party's solicitor.
    • When not to sign transfer forms.
    • Taking care when forms are sent for stamping.
    • Attending the exchange - do you need to go.
    • And much more!.


    Paypal: Cost $74.95 (usually same day despatch by priority post which can be unreliable ) 


     Paypal: Cost $84.95 (includes extra $10 for EXPRESS post .Usually same day despatch and quicker delivery

    Alternatively phone 0419 734 584 to pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.

     Do it yourself conveyancing kit for Selling a Home Unit or Town House in Qld

    Conv-CoverContains the same items or the following alternatives.

    The Reiq contract is 'Contract for Lots in Community Title Scheme'. Appropriate B C C M forms.

    Paypal: Cost $84.95 (includes priority post ) Usually same day despatch by Priority mail.  Delivery times are uncertain.

     Paypal: Cost $94.95 (includes extra $10 for EXPRESS post). Usually same day despatch and quicker delivery

    Alternatively, phone 0419734584 to pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.



    Kit for "Transferring Within The Family in Queensland"

    This is a special kit for handling situations such as a gift of part or whole of a property which can occur at marriage.The split of a relationship it is also appropriate. Gifting or sharing a property with a family member are some of the matters that it covers.

    REIQ CONTRACT applicable for your circumstances and associated forms.

    These transactions may be transaction-duty free. Different entries are required from usual conveyancing. This is a specially prepared DIY kit to handle both sides of the transaction. It contains appropriate forms and conveyancing instructions which may be different from all those in above listed kits. Note that it is NOT suitable for general conveyancing when selling property.

    To learn if your situation applies phone me now 0419 734 584 (Do not text)

    Above Kit for House or Land $124.95.
    Above Kit for Town-house or Unit $144.95.
    Both prices include delivery. More certain delivery is by Express post at extra $10.00
    Phone me now on 0419 734 584 We both need to make sure that this kit is suitable for your requirements (not available online.) USUALLY SAME DAY DESPATCH AND EXPRESS POST IS MUCH MORE RELIABLE



    Conveyancing kits from Legal Kit Specialists make your job easier