Easy To Use DIY Legal Kits

for Conveyancing, Probate and Writing Wills, 
Memory Aid Notebook for Carers and Small Business, 
Explanatory Book on Family Organisation of Funerals 




           Most clearly explained and easiest to use. Here is what can you expect to receive when you order a kit

          CONVEYANCING KITS to do it yourself cover Queensland legislation for - Purchasing a house or land - Purchasing a unit or town house - Selling a house or land - Selling a town house or unit - Transferring property between family members. Read this warning now ! There is probably a clause which can force you to employ a solicitor. Read how to negate it.

          PROBATE and EXECUTOR KITS to cover applying for probate and acting as the executor of a Will in Queensland.

           DIY Will KITS cover the understanding of requirements and the making or writing of a Will through-out Australia.

          MEMORY AID NOTEBOOKS to record and list all the codes, passwords, accounts, requirements, medications etc.

          FUNERAL BOOKS to advise, explain, the various stages of preparing the deceased for emotional family funeral.

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          A good kit provides you with information, material, knowledge, advice, phone numbers, web-site addresses of various government departments and agencies. The contents should contain every-thing that is necessary to carry out the task. We are sure that our kits do supply all of this and more. They are clearly printed in a selected type face that makes reading easier. They tell not only the 'do this and do that' but also explain why these things are done and explanations of the terminology likely to be used by the other party. You will find that knowing more about the subjects provides you with more confidence in your dealings.

          Communicating With the Other Party

          In these days of easy communication most of your contact with other parties is by phone or e-mail and there is no secret about using these. Solicitors, banks, government departments etc. are very used to dealing with the public and there are no standard letters required. Just follow this advice and procedure.

          If, on a conveyancing matter, you are dealing with a law firm or conveyancer (who incidentally must also be backed with a law firm) it is often a clerk who is handling the matter for the other party. They are usually schooled in the way that the law firm likes to operate and follow a set procedure. You have the right to speak with a solicitor and these are the folks who can make slight alterations to normal procedures.

          Our kits are complete with stiff covers to protect contents. Forms are flat and fresh. Copy is large and clear. The step by step instructions also include hints and advice. Complete pack is sealed in plastic for protection during delivery. Although we offer free phone advice the kits are so well explained that it is unlikely you will need us.


          Usually items are dispatched the same day. The packs are large and can weigh upto 350 grams. Prices for conveyancing kits include express post which is the fastest delivery choice.

If you are considering to buy or sell property order your kit now and learn facts about conveyancing before you sign a contract.


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