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DIY Conveyancing Kits to Buy or Sell House, Land,
Unit or Townhouse In Queensland. 

YES ! You can still legally do your own conveyancing in Queensland despite what they tell you! We will show you how!

Clause 11  of your contract states that in Queensland you can still handle your own conveyancing and save over a thousand dollars.  Do it now. Even if the contract has already been signed you can insist on handling your own conveyancing. These kits are guaranteed up to date and clearly expressed for first-time user. 

DIY Conveyancing Kits with clear, understandable, instructions in plain, every-day words and terms. Your tasks are easier and quicker with no uncertainty. Guaranteed to be current.

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Our DIY conveyancing kits are designed for the 'first time' buyer and seller and they are right up to date. If you want two kits phone me for a discount. Note that if you are not using services of a real estate agent you will require two copies of the contract which we can supply. 

These vary depending on the purpose of the kit.
Comments relating to the REIQ contract which you will sign including advice on cancelling the clause which prevents you doing your own conveyancing.
Various aspects of the contract are covered for your clarification. Forms that you use are provided and the kits also explain how forms can be located, completed and printed- out from the computer. When changes to contracts, forms or requirements happen  the instructions are updated. Besides stating what has to be done we also provide advice and warnings on different aspects of the transactions to help assure you of a successful outcome. The complete pack can weigh about 300gms to 400 gms..

If you have heard about DIY conveyancing and would like to learn further about how to do it before ordering we are willing to assist. Give us a call on 0419 734 584 or send us an email.

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Prices for kits when no contracts are required (express postage cost is included)
All conveyancing kits are for Queensland property only.

Buying House/Land kit, . $134.95.


Buying Unit/Townhouse kit, $144.95.


Selling House/Land kit.  $104.95


Selling Unit/Townhouse kit,  $114.95.


Prices for kits which also include two copies of the relevant REIQ Queensland contracts

Buying House/Land kit with contracts. $164.95.


Buying Unit/Townhouse kit with contracts. $174.95.


Selling House/Land kit with contracts.  $134.95


Selling Unit/Townhouse kit with contracts. $144.95.


Kits for Transferring Within the Family

This is a special kit for handling situations such as a gift of part or whole of a property which can occur at marriage. The split of a relationship is also appropriate. Gifting or sharing a property with a family member are some of the other matters that it covers.

REIQ contracts applicable for your circumstances can be supplied.

These transactions may be free of transaction duty. Different entries are required from usual conveyancing. This is a specially prepared DIY kit to handle requirements of both parties to the transaction. It contains the appropriate forms and conveyancing instructions which may be different from some of those in the above listed kits used for general conveyancing. It assumes the both parties have knowledge of the property and that good will exists between the parties. These kits cannot be used for purposes other than those just described.

To learn if your situation applies phone me on 0419 734 584.

DIY Conveyancing Kit (without contracts) to transfer property between family members in Queensland.

$134.95 for House and Land without contracts

$154.95 for Town House or Unit without contracts

In order to ensure that your situation is applicable for these kits they can only be ordered by telephone (0419 734 584) with payment by credit card.

DIY Conveyancing Kit with 2 contracts to transfer property between family members in Queensland.

$164.95 for House and Land with contracts

$184.95 for Town House or Unit with contracts

In order to ensure that the correct kit is ordered, these kits can only be ordered by telephone (0419 734 584) with payment by credit card.


Conveyancing kits from Legal Kit Specialists make your job easier