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 Probate and Letters of Administration in Queensland @ only $60.

                               It can be  very simple.

This DIY kit for Queensland probate is sufficient in most cases. 
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          Probate Application  and Letters of Administration Kit with phone assistance @ $55.00 del.

We have two different kits available! One is only $55.00 inc. delivery . It guides you to obtaining Probate or Grant where the need is simple, such as accessing bank accounts etc..

           Probate and Letters of Administration facts;
When a person dies their possessions immediately come under the control of the Queensland State Public Trustee. At no time are the items, once the sole property of a person now deceased, without an owner.

If the deceased had made a Will nominating an executor that person should apply to the Supreme Court to be granted Probate, which is the right and authority to deal with the possessions as stipulated within the Will.

In many cases the deceased may have had a small value bank account in his own name. This may be written in the Will to go directly to the surviving partner.

Upon the production of the official death certificate, and after viewing the Will, the bank could be prepared to release the funds to the surviving partner. If the funds are more substantial then the bank  will probably require to see the official Grant of Probate as well, before releasing the funds.

           Under the above circumstances just applying for Probate and receiving the Grant of Probate or obtaining Letters of Administration (either with or with-out the Will) can be all that you need to do. This is not too difficult a task and you just need to obtain a simple 'Application for Probate or Letters of Administration' kit. It will contain hard copy of the forms and also tell you clearly how to access and complete them on-line..

          This kit is just $55 including postage. Click on the 'How To Order' button above. 

          This will also apply for the situation where the deceased had made a Will but the appointed executor is no longer available. There  can also be the situation where no Will was ever made. In both situations it is still possible for a relative to apply for the appointment of Administrator of the estate.

This kit, with the required material, can enable you to obtain control. Phone 0419 734 584 for assistance.

The other kit is 'Application For Probate or Letters of Administration 
with detailed Instructions to Administer Estates'.

          Should the deceased have a number of possessions, bank acounts, share holdings, cars, properties, jewellry etc., and numerous people amongst whom he wishes to share his assets, then the executor requires further knowledge and assistance.. There may be debts to settle, rents to collect, properties to be valued. All still within your ability but requiring more knowledge.

          This is where our kit 'Probate, Executor and Settlement of Estate in Queensland' becomes vital. Full details of this are setout below. It covers the application and many actions. Order by clicking the red button

          These are the kits which guarantee ease and satisfaction in tackling your task of getting probate and attending to the will. You will be impressed with the quality of presentation and how the instructions are in words that you understand.

          Tasks are much easier and quicker with the minimum of uncertainty and you are happier whilst saving large legal expenses.

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          Our DIY Probate, Executor and Settlement of Estate kit ($129.50) is the most informative and complete Queensland kit to apply for probate, transfer property, collect debts, access assets, control estate, pay bills and distribute benefits etc., it is also the easiest to use.

         The Queensland Public Trustee quotes over $3000 for applying for 'simple' probate .This is just for probate application and does not include all subsequent tasks. The cost from solicitors is stated to be even higher. This is quoted from a Government web -site July 2017. Search in Google -'what will be cost of the qld public trustee administering my estate'.

           Information, explanation and instructions through to settlement of estate for person who has never handled probate or acted as executor previously.

          The Supreme Court's website makes the application for probate  sound very simple, and it can be! But if you encounter a difficulty they say 'go and see a solicitor', and then it becomes expensive and messy. It is probably better to pay a few dollars for a really good kit right at the beginning.

          Read some of the matters covered in this 'do it yourself' Queensland Probate and Settlement Kit. All clearly explained and our help is at hand. No solicitor is required. Here are 25 other good reassons why this probate kit, which also covers the settlement of the estate, is the best way to apply for probate and why you will be delighted with the result.

  1. An A4 size book of approximately 45 pages full of information and instruction.
  2. Actual copies of forms and instructions on completion.
  3. The advertisements. Writing and placing in correct journal.
  4. Submitting the forms to the Court.
  5. Dictionary of terms and phrases likely to be encountered. You will understand what they mean.
  6. Executors. How they are appointed and how they act if there are more than one.
  7. What to do if no executor has been appointed.
  8. How to apply for appointment as administrator.
  9. What to do if there is no will
  10. A list of the executors duties, responsibilities and authority.
  11. When the executors duties commence and when they terminate.
  12. Transfer home to surviving partner without solicitors fees.
  13. Immediate duties for funeral, death certificate, caring for business and stock.
  14. It is not always necessary to obtain probate. How to find out.
  15. Warning regarding identity theft of the deceased.
  16. Identifying and collecting assets of the estate.
  17. Liquidating assets if necessary.
  18. Winding-up or selling a business of the deceased.
  19. Paying debts. How to do this equitably (fairly) for all beneficiaries.
  20. The Supreme Court is watching you.
  21. Taxation information.
  22. Superannuation.
  23. Forms & examples for transferring real estate to spouse, another beneficiary or for sale.
  24. The final distribution of estate to beneficiaries.
  25. What to do when unsure.

          These twenty-five points give you confidence of a great result Free phone assistance. If you have a particular concern phone me first.

          You will not find a better kit nor a better price so order it now.

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Do It Yourself kit to apply for probate. Our kits make your job much easier.