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For Fred to play with.

 paragraph 8pt       paragraph pt        paragraph 12 pt          paragraph 14 pt       paragraph 18pt          paragraph 24 pt Paragraph 36pt




Times New Roman 8pt.      Times New Roman  10pt.      Times New Roman 12 pt    Times New Roman 14 pt.

Times New Roman 24 pt.

 Times New Roman 36 pt


Arial 8pt         Arial 10 pt.          arial 12      Arial 14 pt         Arial 18 pt   Arial 24 pt

Arial 36 pt.

Book Antiqua 8pt      Antiqua 10pt      Antiqua 12 pt.     Antiqua 18 pt      Antiqua 24 pt.

Antiqua 36pt

Trebouchet 8pt     Trebouchet 10m pt      Trebouchet 12 pt     Trebouchet 14pt     Trebouchet 18 pt Trebouchet  24pt