Seniors Guide To Happy Retirement - Confidence, Companionship, Enjoyment, and Security


The new book for Australians which guarantees a happy retirement

If you live with a partner the knowledge for running the home is shared between you! Could you suddenly handle problems and uncertainties of the duties about which you know little?

Where would you find information about situations and matters which you have not previously encountered. 
An example - "Gary had a comfortable retirement. His share of house-hold tasks took little time because he had been handling them for years. Plenty of time left for bowling with his mates, and fishing trips to the beach. Plus the odd beer at his club!"

But when his partner passed away he was faced with tasks which he knew nothing about. Uncertainty about a task makes it take longer. Worse, is when the grief of losing your partner is compounded by needing to understand and do everything. His social freedom suffered. We explain and guide you through these problems.

Family and friends are part of a happy life. Chatting with them helps us re-live times of joy, excitement and love. When we are with old friends we are not lonely but when we take residence in a retirement home we lose contact with old friends.

We explain, encourage and provide examples of how to avoid this problem. We show the perfect ways of creating relationships with the staff and the other residents.

This book is specifically designed with chapters, sections, ideas, headings and spaces to capture and display the information that will guarantee a far easier and happier retirement. Where to seek and list the information for household problem, and  how to create or join a group of like-minded friends.

This is the book your parents would like to receive.  It guarantees an interesting, friendly and happy retirement for your loved ones. Friendship and fun assured whether at home or in residence,plus confidenc and ability to handle, e-mail, social, phones, medical, appointments. It also provides simple explanations of matters which they should be familiar with.

 This is the book that guarantees a more enjoyable retirement whether at home alone, or in residential care. Just follow these ideas now and be prepared for friendship and fun.

Need to know more.

"Simple Guide To Happy Retirement & Residential Care"  is a  book printed with specific chapters, relating to different times and situations. It  invites the mention of happy memories, music, sports etc, to ensure a perfect bond with people of like nature when you reside in an aged care home.  The book will also record and remind you of vital information relating to every-day requirements in your life that make your life easier. Emergency numbers in larger than normal print. There are special informative pages on using Powers of attorney, Living wills, Will and testaments, Probate, and Donation of tissue and organs. 

Special pages, sections and rulings for different occurences make it easy for your entries and for your searching.                 Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, friends, relatives, medical, payments, investments, passwords and code, appointments, emergency numbers and actions. The book that every family will one-day wish they had when their partner or their memory is no-longer with them


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