Carers' Record Book for Admin. of Household and Financial Matters. Ensure your carer knows of all social and financial help that is required. Organise codes passwords accounts user-names, actions etc.  for house-hold or business. 

Social, house-hold, and business situations are other areas, besides the physical and medical, where the elderly, sick or infirm may require assistance from their carers. Most of these are specific to the individual situation and cannot be learnt in training. Unknown or unattended they can place dditional mental strain on the person under care 

This new book offers the solution!
Entry codes, pass-words, phones, media, insurances, accounts, investments etc.. All you do is make a hand-written entry, easily and quickly, in this printed  recording notebook. It is research approved with special headings, special rulings, titled-spacings, and indices for just about every aspect of small-business or household affairs. Also includes - sections and information on 'powers of attorney', 'Wills', 'Living Wills', 'Funeral wishes'. Actions for attention at time of death.

Memory loss, or absence or death of a partner, will deprive the business or family of knowledge that is vital to its successful continuation. A grief stricken family facing this problem is less able to locate important phone numbers, medications, banking details etc.. No one person in the home or business has thorough knowledge of all procedures which are required to run the home or business efficiently and effectively. Do not ignore this opportunity to prevent chaos.

The 'Recording Notebook for Household and Business Information' is so important because it stores the vital knowledge, codes, password, user-names, account details which are required. The secret of success is in the generous lay-out, column headings etc. and the superb index. The list below identifies some of the attributes.

User names and passwords to access mobile phones,  computers,  bank accounts etc.0
Health, medications, doctors  and consultants, 
User names and passwords to access mobile phones,  computers,  bank accounts etc.
Insurances,  banking , investments, 
Real estate, mortgages,  investment properties,
Businesses they run or which are reliant on their imput,
Personal property kept else-where, 
Money owed or owing,
Government departments they deal with and which can assist them if in stress,
Basic details and location of original legal Will,
Where mortgages,  naturalisation papers,  birth certificates,  insurance papers etc. are kept.
Desired wishes for the arrangement of funeral,
Actions to take in an emergency,
Where mortgages,  naturalisation papers,  birth certificates,  insurance papers etc. are kept.
Contact details of all family members and friends
Details of past family member's names which are required for death certificates.
How much do you already know about these matters?

All information need not be recorded immediately, but if the start is made then there are fewer private or confidential entries to be made when the memory aid is required - as it surely will be.

The kit also includes information and explanations on important matters that they should have knowledge of including -
Powers of Attorney  -  Living Will (Advance Health Directive) - Will and Testament -  Probate - Executors - Donation of Organs

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Memory Loss Relief Notebook is the cure for problems caused by Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Depression, Dementia or absence of a partner.
A book that every family will one-day wish it had.