Seniors Retirement Guide for Confidence, Companionship, Enjoyment, Security, and Health.

This is the explanation of
‘The Personal and Family Recording Notebook’

The new book which guarantees a happy retirement

If you live with a senior partner probably the required knowledge for running the home is shared between both of you! Could you suddenly swap tasks your partner and handle problems and uncertainties of the duties about which you know little?

Would you know where to find information about situations and matters which you have not previously encountered. 
Gary had a comfortable retirement. His share of house-hold tasks took little time because he had been handling them for years. Plenty of time left for bowling with his mates, and fishing trips to the beach. Plus the odd beer at his club!

When his partner passed away he was faced with tasks which he knew nothing about. Uncertainty about a task makes it take longer. Worse, is when the grief of losing your partner is compounded by needing to understand and do everything. His social freedom suffered.

This is what happens when, through memory loss, sickness or eventual departure, all the tasks of living fall upon your shoulders.

Now consider this! Life comprises multiple events, emotions, experiences. These are the formation of our character and personality. Family and friends are parts of that personality. Chatting with them helps us relive times of joy, excitement and love. When we are with old friends, to chat and reminisce, we are not lonely. But when we take residence in a retirement home we lose some contact, perhaps all contact, with old friends.

Sarah’s childhood was spent in a country town. Riding her horse to school each day. University to study veterinary science. Studying and caring for dogs and horses. Playing high grade net-ball, Marrying a jockey. And then children! Sarah was a personality. A little reserved, perhaps, with strangers until she got to know them.

In a care facility she is treated well by the staff but without their knowledge of her earlier life she is just ‘Sarah, the new resident’, and she sits watching t.v.. That is a pity because one of the other t.v. watchers  used to be a breeder of Schnauzer dogs. That resident and Sarah could have had a lot in common and enjoyed a blossoming friendship.

This book is specifically designed with sections, headings and spaces to capture and display the information that would have guaranteed both Gary and Sarah a far easier and happier retirement. Gary would know where to seek the information he needed, and Sarah’s interests, if passed to the facility administration, could be shared to the staff and residents at her new home.

Now look through the book and appreciate how it will benefit your parents or yourself in due course.

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Guarantee an interesting, friendly and happy retirement for your loved ones.
Friendship and fun assured whether at home or in residence
plus ability to operate codes, e-mail, social, phones, medical, appointments, legal explanations.

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This is the book that guarantees a more enjoyable retirement whether you are home alone, or in residential care. Just follow these ideas now and be prepared for friendship and fun..

"The Simple Path To Your Happy Retirement"  is a  notebook printed with specific pages, sections, headings and columns. It also invites the mention of happy memories, music, sports etc, to ensure a perfect bond with people of like nature when you reside in an aged care home.  The notebook will also record and remind you of vital information relating to social contacts,  passwords, emails, phones, finance, and many other matters to make your life easier. Emergency numbers in larger than normal print. There are special informative pages on using Powers of attorney, Living wills, Will and testaments and Donation of tissue and organs. Just $24.95  including postage.


Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, friends, relatives, medical, payments, investments, passwords and code, appointments, emergency numbers and actions. The book that every family will one-day wish they had when their partner or their memory is no-longer with them

Special pages, sections and rulings for different occurences make it easy for your entries and for your searching.                 

             Entry codes, pass-words, phones, media, insurances, accounts, investments etc.. All you do is make a hand-written entry, easily and quickly, in this printed  recording notebook. It is research approved with special headings, special rulings, titled-spacings, and indices for just about every aspect of personal and affairs. Also includes - sections and information on 'Powers of Attorney', 'Wills', 'Living Wills', Probate & Executors. Donation of 0rgans and Tissure, 'Funeral arrangements'. 

          Memory loss, or absence or death of a partner, will deprive the family of the love and  knowledge which binds your family together. Using this book will be a lasting gift of love.

No one person in the home has thorough knowledge of all procedures which are required to run the home efficiently and effectively. Do not ignore this opportunity to prevent chaos.

Sections and rulings for
User names and passwords to access mobile phones,  computers,  bank accounts etc.
Health, medications, doctors  and consultants, 
User names and passwords to access mobile phones,  computers,  bank accounts etc.
Insurances,  banking , investments, 
Real estate, mortgages,  investment properties,
Businesses they run or which are reliant on their imput,
Personal property kept else-where, 
Money owed or owing,
Government departments they deal with and which can assist them if in stress,
Basic details and location of original legal Will,
Where mortgages,  naturalisation papers,  birth certificates,  insurance papers etc. are kept.
Desired wishes for the arrangement of funeral,
Actions to take in an emergency,
Where mortgages,  naturalisation papers,  birth certificates,  insurance papers etc. are kept.
Contact details of all family members and friends
Details of past family member's names which are required for the Government Certificate of Death.
How much do you already know about these matters?

          All information need not be recorded immediately, but if the start is made then there are fewer private or confidential entries to be made when the memory starts to fade - as it surely will.

         The kit also includes information and explanations on important matters that they should have knowledge of including -   Powers of Attorney  -  Living Will (Advance Health Directive) - Will and Testament -  Probate - Executors - Donation of Organs.


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