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Latest Versions of REIQ Conveyancing Contracts for Real Estate Property in Queensland Available From Us. 

 Latest Real estate conveyancing contracts for sale.

We supply real estate contracts to buy or sell property in Queensland

When transfering house, land or community title property from vendor to purchaser the use of written contracts is required. Transferring to friend or family through real estate agent or  you still need contracts. R.E.I.Q contracts are recognised as being fair & acceptable to both buyer and seller. directly

They are not available to you from the offices of the law firms and the real estate agencies unless you are using their services. They are neither available nor suitable for persons planning to handle their own conveyancing.

WE CAN SUPPLY THEM !  Our long association with the REIQ allows us to obtain direct from the REIQ contracts suitable for use by persons wishing to ccomplete their own contracts for conveyancing. These can be supplied as orders for contracts only or supplied accompanying conveyancing kits. When contracts are ordered to be supplied with conveyancing kits the price of the contracts is reduced.

In Queensland the Land Titles Office will only record transactions where written contracts are exchanged except for very, very rare occasions. This means that if you are selling a property you will require at least two of the appropriate contracts. One version of contract covers the transfer of house or vacant land, and a different contract covers the transfer of residential lots in a community title scheme (town houses, units etc.).

They are not interchangeable so do not order the wrong ones.

Intending buyers or sellers are wise to obtain a contract early so they have time to study the clauses and understand them before being required to sign. If you are selling it means that an early, interested party can be signed up quickly.

There is a clause in the contract designed to prevent the buyer or seller from handling their own transaction. This can be cancelled and we tell you how to do it easily.

The price for two contracts, either house or land or for units and town houses, is $40 plus $5 for delivery by express - post. If contracts are ordered for delivery with a kit they are priced at $30 dollars for two contracts with this sum being included within the total cost.

To order contracts only, select type of contract below and then click button. If ordering contracts and conveyaning kit transfer to Conveyancing kits page through 'Kits and Prices. box above
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